Yes, this very website was created by me. No, it's not running Wordpress. This project is easily one of my favorite projects because it allows me to encompass a lot of what I've learned about computer science and the web to showcase what I do. It is a platform for me to experiment and is as dynamic as I am. Check back in a year this page may be completely different. This site uses Django, Jquery, Bootstrap, and code written by me.

Better Admin Jan 27, 2017

A lot of this website are simply static pages that have to be edited manually when a change needs to be made for example the resumé have been a static page for a really really really long time with everything hard coded. I am going to change the site so that I can make updates a lot easier. Only the "Projects" pages and "About" page really makes use of Django. I use the Django admin for everything and it is quite tedious so I will hopefully fix that soon too. Here are the goals of the next couple of weeks. Deadline (March 1st?) 1. Make a better media manager (Profile pics, background pics) 2. Make Resumé update-able. 3. Create dedicated Projects editing site. 4. Maybe make a blog for things that aren't really projects.

Project GoalNov 23, 2015

I've been wanting to build myself a website for sometime now and am so glad that I finally get to do it. I don't expect many visitors and that is totally fine with me. In fact, it is quite interesting because all my life I've been staying away from social media sites like Facebook because I didn't want another distraction and don't want everything about me to be public. I do have a twitter @kendalayv which if you notice I spelled my name wrong on purpose to detach it from "me". I do value privacy and it is becoming harder and harder to do that. So after all this effort here I am putting myself on the internet.

Anyways, after putting this off for a long time I finally got the push to do it by my Adobe Youth Voices Mentor, Mike DeLaurentis, who has been gracious enough to give me some of his time every week to figure out what I can do so I can have a career once I leave college. Our focus has been getting an internship and he insisted that a website is a great way to extend my resumé because it is dynamic. I plan to use this site as a way to show employers my projects as well as having just a space to experiment. I can now easily host test sites and web services for future projects. This project has really been a blast and am so excited to share it with you!