Steganography ENG 006

This project was the final course project for ENG 006. The goal was to be able to encode and decode monochromatic images inside of a colored image. This is a technique that can be used to hide secret messages. I completed this project with Thomas Wickett and Tri Hoang. It was pretty simple but actually very fun!

Steganography Technique: Least Bits MethodJan 27, 2017

The concept is simple. We have RGB image with each channel having a value from 0 - 255 (2^8). We also have a monochromatic image whose pixel values are either 0 or 1. We simply take the binary value of either R, G, or B and replace the value of the least bits with the pixel value of 0 or 1. We applied this to the four least bits which means we can hide up to 12 different images; Four in each color channel.

Video demonstration of steganography program.Dec 04, 2014

Here is a video demonstrating and describing our MatLab code for the steganography assignment. This entry is from 2014. For some reason audio does not work :(