Mechatronics Modeling (EME 171)

This is really a class but the ideas in this class are really quite interesting. Instead of using Newton's laws and Lagrange method for developing equations of motions this approach simply keeps track of energy of the system. The novel idea is that this method can be used for mechatronics system and energy can be transferred across different energy domains. In addition, once a bond graph model is created equations of motion can be systematically discovered using graph search techniques.

Bond GraphsDec 09, 2017

This class is almost solely on the representation of dynamic systems as bond graphs. Rather than using Newton's methods and even Lagrangian methods to derive kinematic equations this course details bonds graphs. So, what makes bond graphs so interesting and in my opinion worthwhile to learn. 1. Once we develop a bond graph we can then use computers to do graph searches. 2. We can model systems of various energy domains (hydraulic, pure mechanical, electrical). 3. We can model systems with multiple domains at the same time.

So how does a bond graph do it all? Essentially what a bond graph does is keeps track of energy transfers through a system. We have efforts (Pressure, Force, Voltage) and we have flows (Velocity, Current, Volumetric Flow). Next, I'll talk about different bond graph elements.