I am a mechanical engineer so I use Solidworks a lot. Unfortunately, PDM software is expensive and while I have done some minor research in finding an open PDM/PLM software I couldn't find anything lightweight. Using this project as a way to get back into projects since basic PDM checkin/checkout isn't hard. Additionally, I want to try building my own Solidworks Add-In using the Solidworks API to create a seamless integration. Ideally this could be used for tiny 1-5 man/woman engineering teams. We'll see how far I get it should be fun!

Goals (MVP?)Dec 02, 2018

Here are some things I want to implement for a first version:

  1. Use with Solidworks: Taskpane Add-in and Updating Part/Assembly/Drawing Custom Properties

  2. Revision Control: Keep older file version vaulted

  3. Checkin: PDM basic create revision and check file back in on DB

  4. Checkout: PDM basic check out files copy to local DB

  5. Ownership

  6. Release Control

Hefty goals but all doable... I think...