This research project was started by the folks at the SME UC Davis Chapter. The goal of the project was to give SME members the opportunity to learn more about Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) through a hands-on project. The goal was to research, design and build a 3D printer that could print with Sucrose (sugar) hence the cheesy name. We did a lot of research about the different processes of Additive Manufacturing and began to design the printer. All I wanted was a printer that could print a sugar cube.

SME History of Desktop 3D PrintingJan 31, 2016

I gave a talk to the team at our first meeting about hobbyist/desktop 3D printing. As part of the sugar printer project my #1 task was to share my knowledge of additive manufacturing to SME members. This was an attempt to distinguish how we got to where we are now in 3D printing and acknowledge some of the key players in 3d printing who are lesser know like Zach Hoeken. Please note while I do believe most of the images are CC I am not positive and did not attribute :(.