EEC 172: Embedded Systems

What is funny to me is that I snuck into the CS department since engineers don't have a unit cap. From the CS department I snuck into the Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. This quarter I am taking embedded systems here is where I will document what I'm learning for future reference. Topics will likely include embedded architecture, various sensors, and protocols (i2c, spi, uart, etc).

Lab 3: IR Remote Control Text MessagingJun 07, 2018

Learning how to read NEC IR codes using timer interrupts.


Lab 4: DTMF Texting Over an Asynchronous Serial LinkMar 30, 2018

This lab was quite fun... Actually more like annoying we had to use a DTMF generator to do touch tone typing. The lab was full of very repetitive beeps. To detect the frequencies we used the Goertzel function rather than a tradition DFT.

Lab 4_Report.pdf

Lab 2: SPI and I2C | OLED and AccelerometerMar 17, 2018

For this lab we had to interface with an Adafruit OLED using SPI. Then we had to interface with the onboard accelerometer using I2C. The final product of this project is a ball that rolls around on the screen when the cc3200 is tilted. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures or videos of the lab.

Lab 2 Report: SPI and I2C | OLED and Accelerometer.pdf

Lab 1: Getting aquainted with the development tools and SDKJan 18, 2018

This lab was designed to help us get aquainted with the development tools we will be using during the quarter. We created a simple program to poll the switches and either blink the onboard LEDs or turn the LEDs on in a binary sequence.

One thing that I found really cool was that GPIO can be manipulated bitwise. This is normally not the case for the arduino (It's possible but not taught/used often) By using this we were able to make the binary LEDs a single line of code using the shift operator.

This lab was done with a partner, Mary Florek

Here is the lab report. Code will be posted after the end of the quarter.